Despite how much people love sport, we know very little about the retirement experience of athletes, and this is particularly true for sports that are out of mainstream media.  These exceptional individuals deserve our attention!  Knowing as much as possible is just good common sense.  

The ATQ was uniquely developed to addresses a wide range of athlete factors associated with the retirement process and wellness across all sports.  Using these data, we can see how athletes vary in terms of sport and position played, career and retirement experiences, support systems and services utilized, and well-being in terms of cognition, mental, social, behavioral, physical, and financial health.

We want to educate sport programs, fans, and support systems about the actual experiences of athletes transitioning from their sport.  Doing so will improve the allocation and implementation of resources, and direct health care providers to at-risk individuals.  Most importantly, it will provide facts about this misunderstood and often challenging period in an athlete’s life.