Retirement From Sport

Retirement From Sport

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What do we know about retirement from elite sport?

Three Types of Providers

Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC): Someone who seeks the services of a CMPC may be looking for a performance boost, enhanced group dynamics, or improved stress management. CMPCs typically consult with athletes, teams, performers, military/tactical groups, and corporate executives to help them to perform their best using theories and [...]

Flow at Work

As an athlete, you probably experienced moments of Flow or “being in the Zone.” As you transition from being an athlete into another career, you might wonder if you can ever experience Flow again? The answer is “Yes.” Learn more…

Changing Careers from Sport to…

Changing careers can be stressful at any time in your life. As an athlete, when you athlete add a pandemic, a recession, and whatever skill deficit for today’s job market, your stress level may go through the roof. You can keep your stress under control by recognizing that career change is a process, it takes time, and it progresses in different stages.

The Last Transition

Transition. It can take months or years, but the challenges of transitioning out of sport are wide-ranging. These hardships are documented in several books, including Racing the Sunset by Scott Tinley the more recent Personal Next by Melinda Harrison, as well as documentaries including The Weight of Gold. Research [...]

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