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Three Types of Providers




March 16, 2021


Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC): Someone who seeks the services of a CMPC may be looking for a performance boost, enhanced group dynamics, or improved stress management. CMPCs typically consult with athletes, teams, performers, military/tactical groups, and corporate executives to help them to perform their best using theories and skills grounded in psychology. These practitioners are not necessarily licensed, meaning they might not be trained to address mental health issues. If you wish to address your mental health with someone who is also experienced with athletes, consider a CMPC who is also a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

Psychotherapist: Licensed counselors, psychologists, or social workers can help with problem-solving and emotional healing. These licensed practitioners can address mental health (e.g., depression, anxiety, eating disorders). They may use different approaches to their practice and different styles such as family and couples therapy or group therapy. Individuals who seek a psychotherapist may be experiencing a mental health disorder or just want help navigating their day-to-day lives and relationships.

Psychiatrist: Seeing a psychiatrist is recommended when you want a diagnosis or prescription for medication to address symptoms of depression, anxiety, attention/ADHD, or more severe issues. Medication is often paired with psychotherapy, either with the psychiatrist or a psychotherapist.

There is no one right path to take in getting your needs met. Although it might feel daunting to pick someone, here are some tips for “therapist shopping.”

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